Hard work and dedication are qualities shared by those who make it in the food and beverage industry. By rising stars. By those who have proven themselves over decades. By those who serve, host, tend and keep things moving. In such a fast paced industry, finding good people and building sustainable teams is a challenge. Hired Knives is here to help, a specialized food and beverage platform designed to connect, promote, and build reputations for individuals and businesses.


Hired Knives was born in Detroit. We saw the need for a grassroots tool that would connect the best talent in the food and beverage industry with the best teams. We worked hard to create an online destination that allows staff and employers to build their brands and create something unique.


Hired Knives was built by people in the restaurant industry who love it, live it, and feel the pain of working within it. We are not interested in stealing or selling your information. Our goal is to make Hired Knives work for you, increase your profile and build your brand. If you think you have what it takes to Make the Cut, its time to get started.


Welcome to Hired Knives. Let’s make something great, together.